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Our auditing and in depth analysis covers almost every feature of your website offering you opportunities to stand out from the crowd.

The earlier issues are identified, the better is for the businesses. A strong base is always required in order to grow.

Why Website Auditing?


Auditing helps you optimize your site according to search engines whilst keeping user experience at its best.

SEO Analysis

One of the most important factors for a website is to implement better SEO strategies.

Site Structure

It covers layout, design, coding, usability, speed and many other parts of the website.


Content is King and a defining factor to improve online visibility. Yes, absolutely right.


It involves variety of elements to know where your business is going & how well is performing.


Our insights and suggestions may improve your conversions or build customers' confidence.

B2B & B2C

Strategies help businesses gain more traffic to the website and increase brand awareness.

UX Strategies

Analyzing UX strategies, identifying problems and offering suggestions for improvement.

Sales Funnel

Discover opportunities to improve every aspect of your website to grow your business online.


Have Your Website Audited by a Specialist



2-3 days

Technical Audit

Site speed, Url Strucutre, Redirects, Issues, Responsiveness, Indexing, Sitemaps, Robots.Txt, Site architecture, Accessibility issues.

Basic SEO Audit

Includes Keywords Analysis, Meta Tags, Anchor Texts, Backlinks, Site issues, Ranking factors, Visibility issues.

Basic Content Audit

Content Audit includes 5 of your most important pages such as homepage, categories, products or blog posts. You also get on-page content improvement strategies.

Website Improvement

Includes homepage, graphics, header, footer and improvement strategies to improve overall structure of your website and better user experience.

Social Media Audit

Overview and audit for your social media visibility.

PDF Reports

Includes Auto and Manual Audits for your website. A PDF report containing 15-40 pages of issues, suggestions and improvements.



3-5 days

Includes Basic Audit

Advance SEO Audit

In-depth SEO analysis, audit and improvement strategies.

Social Audit & Strategies

Overview and audit for your social media visibility and improvement strategies

UI & UX Audit

UI and UX audit and improvement strategies.

Competitor Analyis



1 week

Includes Advance Audits

SEM Audits

Google Adwords and Facebook Campaigns Audits and Improvement Strategies ( 1 campaign with not more than 5 ad groups - 2 Facebook Campaigns) If you require more hours and have bigger campaigns, please usE custom audit.

Website Branding Audits

Branding audits include evaluating your identity online and improvement strategies for your website.

Premium Audit


2 weeks

Includes Professional Audits

Agency Audits

In-house website staff or agency audits to give you an insight how are they performing.

Ideas Creation

Every business needs fresh ideas and improvements in order to achieve better results. We offer you fresh and creative ideas to improve your business.

Custom Audit



Your choice

You can choose any of the services and hours you required for your business.

Not Satisfied WITH THE AUDIT?


If you are not Satisfied with the report, we offer money back guarantee.


How long does it take to perform audit?

Depending on your website, it may take 3-7 days to perform full audit.

Is this audit an auto process or performed manually?

It is combination of auto and manual audits. For instance, technical audit involves some auto process using top industry tools to make process a bit faster, however, auto audit is only 10% of whole website audit. 90% of the work involved in auditing is performed by an expert manually.

Do you offer FIXING the issues as well?

Yes, we do offer fixing issues but if you are a small business, we do recommend you either do it yourself or ask your developer or designer to do it as many of of common issues can be fixed easily. Our hourly rate is $185 an hour to perform any task.

If we buy one of your auditing services, will we be number one on google or increase sales dramatically?

No. Our auditing service improves many areas of your website and business and provide you strategies that can be implemented for better results, however, we don't promise you anything. Our work is straightforward and requires thinking outside the box. Once you get a report, you would have many options to analyze your current website/business situation and do A/B testing to improve all or some parts of your current strategies.

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